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Become a Sterile Processing Technician in 14 Weeks

Fast-track your career in healthcare with Hofstra University's comprehensive training. Our program equips you to work alongside medical professionals, mastering essential skills for patient safety:

  • Efficiently organize and manage surgical instruments.
  • Master sterilization techniques to maintain high safety standards.
  • Support surgeries by managing instruments and supplies.
  • Ensure the cleanliness of processing areas and adhere to strict disposal protocols.

Sterile Processing Technician Bootcamp Learning Experience

Hofstra University's Bootcamp is tailored for immediate entry into the healthcare field, offering:

Self-paced learning to fit your schedule.
One-on-one coaching sessions for personalized guidance.
Practical assessments to hone your skills.
A dedicated exam preparation course.
An industry-recognized certification upon successful completion.
Ongoing support from mentors and career services.

Embrace a rewarding career in healthcare with skills that matter.

Sterile Processing Technician Bootcamp Courses

Sterile Processing Technicians (SPTs) clean, sterilize, and maintain surgical instruments, ensuring they are safe for patient use. They document sterilization processes, manage inventory, and collaborate with healthcare staff for efficient surgical procedures. SPTs also identify opportunities for improvement to uphold quality and safety standards.

In just a few months, you’ll be prepared to earn the industry-recognized CRCST certification with Hofstra University Bootcamp. No college degree or previous experience is required.

Weeks 1-2 Professionalism in Allied Health
This course enhances professionalism for allied health professionals, emphasizing soft skills crucial for success. Developed with industry input, it covers patient interaction, communication, ethics, and conflict resolution. Through scenario-based learning and game-based activities, students gain practical engagement.
Weeks 3-8 Introduction to Human Anatomy and Medical Terminology
This course familiarizes students with medical terminology and anatomy, including the structure and function of 11 body systems. It incorporates an interactive anatomy and physiology app with 3D and AR capabilities for immersive learning. Students learn to analyze medical terms and understand major diseases, enhancing their application of knowledge in healthcare settings.
Weeks 9-14 Sterile Processing
Sterile Processing offers comprehensive training for central service technicians, covering infection control, instrument sterilization, and teamwork. Utilizing immersive eLearning methods, students gain hands-on experience and essential skills like OSHA compliance and inventory management.

Your Learning Track

Program Features

Online Sterile
Processing Bootcamp

Duration Immersive bootcamps are 14 weeks long. 14 weeks
Mentor Sessions Meet live with your mentor for guidance, discussion and deeper learning. 5x 1:1 sessions
Career Support Capstone projects will demonstrate the skills and knowledge you learned throughout bootcamp. 6-month post-completion access
CCMA Certification Exam Prep & Voucher
Optional Apprenticeship
Annual Program Access
5,450 $4,000* *Pay in Full
Monthly Payment Options Starting from $346

Payment Options

Learn from Industry Experts

Our instructors, who bring extensive experience in healthcare and Sterile Processing, are here to support you in gaining the essential knowledge and skills required to become a certified Sterile Processing Technician and kick start a fulfilling career.

Our Sterile Processing Technician Instructor

img Janice Brownlee

Enthusiastically seeking a role with St. Mary's Cardiac team, I bring a fervent passion for cardiac surgery and specialized training in wound closure, Endoscopic Vein Harvest, Heart port, VAD's, and Heartmate. Eager to contribute my skills and dedication to the exceptional patient care provided by St. Mary's, I am excited about the prospect of joining your esteemed team.

Sterile Processing Technician Bootcamp Career Possibilities

Sterile Processing Technician is in high demand, with job opportunities growing every day. Hofstra University bootcamp prepares you to work in a variety of other healthcare facilities.

Physician Offices
Outpatient Clinic
Diagnostic Laboratories

Sterile Processing Technician Bootcamp Job Opportunity

Our Sterile Processing Technician program prepares graduates for a range of roles in healthcare.

Central Service Technician

$26,000 - $45,000

Sterile Processing Technician

$28,000 - $49,000

Central Sterile Supply Technician

$27,000 - $48,000

Admissions Process

Submit a Request More Information Form
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    Our admissions team will carefully review it. In the event that you haven't scheduled a call with an advisor by the time your form is reviewed, one of our team members will proactively reach out to you to coordinate an interview.

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    During the interview with an admissions advisor, your compatibility with the Sterile Processing Technician and Healthcare Bootcamp for your career goals will be verified. The advisor will address any questions you may have, provide information and outline the subsequent steps in the process.

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    Upon enrollment, you will gain access to recommended coursework designed to prepare you for the commencement of classes. This will provide you with a head start on your learning journey.

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    Embark on your journey to acquire new skills in Sterile Processing Technician bootcamp.

Career Services

This online bootcamp is designed to arm you with the essential skills required for an entry-level Sterile Processing Technician in healthcare. Our healthcare services encompass resume building, one-on-one mentoring, and mock job interview sessions, providing comprehensive support to help you prepare for your next professional role.


Career Coaching

Identify goals, personal strengths and important facts about your potential career path so you can make an informed decision about your future.


Interview Prep

Enhance your interview skills for Sterile Processing Technician positions by participating in instructive mock interviews, designed to help you excel in actual interview scenarios.


Resume Building

Collaborate with a career coach from Health Tech Certs to craft a compelling resume and portfolio that effectively showcases your skills and accomplishments.

Hofstra University Sterile Processing Technician Bootcamp FAQs

What do Sterile Processing Technicians do?

Sterile Processing Technicians ensure patient safety by meticulously sterilizing medical instruments and managing sterile supplies, playing a critical role in maintaining sterile environments for medical procedures

The CRCST certification, awarded by the HSPA, validates Sterile Technicians' expertise in sterilization through approved Bootcamp programs, enhancing career opportunities in healthcare.

Eligibility for the CRCST certification exam requires completion of an approved Sterile Technician program and hands-on field experience, with additional state-specific requirements possibly necessary.

Upon completing our Sterile Processing Technician Bootcamp, contact Hofstra's support team to access the certification exam voucher upon payment clearance. This certification establishes you as a Certified Sterile Technician, propelling your success in the healthcare field.

Sterile Processing Technicians play a critical role in sterilizing medical equipment and ensuring sterile environments, collaborating with medical teams to uphold safety standards and enhance healthcare quality.

Our Sterile Technician Bootcamp is conducted entirely online, so you will need access to a computer and a reliable internet connection to participate in the program successfully.

Hofstra University's Sterile Technician training program offers a self-paced format that can typically be completed in just 14 weeks, providing a quicker path to becoming a Certified Sterile Technician compared to many other programs.

Hofstra University helps you launch your Sterile Technician career with guidance through certification, resume building, and mock interviews. Completing our bootcamp and earning CRCST certification boosts your prospects, though job-seeking responsibility lies with the student.

Salaries for Sterile Technicians vary based on factors like certification, experience, and location, averaging between $35,000 to $45,000 annually for Phlebotomy Technicians. Hofstra University's Sterile Technician Bootcamp boosts earning potential by imparting valuable skills, offering career mentorship, and preparing for the CRCST credential.

Our Sterile Technician Bootcamp doesn't require prior healthcare experience, as it's designed for entry-level individuals. Tailored to diverse backgrounds, the program equips learners with skills and confidence to launch a successful career as a Certified Sterile Technician.